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IMAX 3D Theatre Myrtle Beach

attractions-imaxThe IMAX 3D theater was the first movie theater to show IMAX 3D movies at Broadway at the Beach, Inc. in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The 400 seat theater features steeply tiered seating decks so that no ones view is ever obstructed.

Allowing viewers’ to take an exciting journey far beyond their wildest imagination, the IMAX Theater provides audiences with a jaw dropping experience. There are now more than 200 movies available and each one is simply amazing, get into the drivers seat through films such as Deep Sea 3D, Space Station 3D or NASCAR 3D and enjoy an exhilarant ride the IMAX way.

The screen has a slight curvature that enables the images it carries to fill the viewer’s peripheral vision and measures an impressive sixty by eighty three feet, more than six stories tall. The IMAX 3D GT Projection System takes up the same space as a mid-sized car; the projection system simultaneously projects two separate images onto the screen- one for the left-eye and another for the right-eye.

Each member of the audience must wear special, polarized IMAX 3D glasses which channel the two images so that the viewers’ brains perceive spectacular high-resolution, larger than life 3D images.

Loud crystal clear surround sounds shake you and awaken more of your senses as you become a part of this life-like movie experience, the IMAX 3D theater will allow you to SEE MORE…HEAR MORE…and FEEL MORE, right here in Myrtle Beach, SC.

IMAX 3D Theatre Myrtle Beach
1195 Celebrity Circle
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

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