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California Dreaming Restaurant & Bar

California Dreaming Restaurant and Bar in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina offers the perfect night out, whether you want to get away from the kids or bring them along. California Dreaming offers generous portions, good pricing and delicious American cuisine, their motto is “Make it Fresh and Make it Right”. These two simple ideals have made California Dreaming stand out from the rest.

How about a look at a few items from their extensive menu; For starters, how about the hearty Baked Potato Soup; Topped with scallions, cheese, pieces of ham and tasty bacon, or perhaps the Southwest Chicken Quesadilla; Spicy chicken, bacon, ham, mixed cheeses and scallions, all sautéed in a flour tortilla, (sliced jalapeños upon request).

This Myrtle Beach restaurant is well known for their Famous Nachos; various toppings are heaped atop hot, crispy corn tortilla chips, or perhaps the Barbecue Chicken; Broiled chicken covered with smokey barbecue sauce, chopped red onions and cheese sauce, or how about the Traditional; Chili, Cheddar and Jack cheese, tomatoes, jalapenos and sour cream.

Next come the entrée Salads, made to individual order and served in a frozen bowl with a homemade dressing and a fresh baked honey-butter croissant, we suggest the California Dreaming Salad; Crispy mixed greens topped with chopped eggs, cured ham, turkey, Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses, toasted almonds, tomatoes and finished off with fresh cooked bacon and ham, or the Caesar Salad with fried Shrimp or fried oysters; A classic Caesar dressing topped with imported Romano cheese, scattered croutons and freshly battered fried shrimp or fried oysters.

Sandwiches come with a variety of fillings and are served with French fried potatoes, the Dreamin’ Chicken Sandwich; A broiled, marinated chicken breast topped with Jack cheese, smoky bacon, lettuce, tomato & their signature honey mustard dressing on toasted French bread, or perhaps the delicious filet mignon Sandwich; Two juicy three ounce medallions topped with Jack cheese and served on toasted French bread with lettuce and tomato.

For the seafood lover, there are numerous choices and each item is served with their Special House Salad (greens, chopped eggs, almonds, tomatoes, bacon & ham). A favorite among locals and visitors to Myrtle Beach is the Fried shrimp Platter; Large shrimp deliciously battered to order and served with French fried potatoes and your choice of cocktail or tartar sauce, or perhaps the mouthwatering Oven Roasted Salmon; Encrusted with rosemary and thyme seasonings and served with your choice of side item.

If you prefer beef, you have to try one of their steaks, California Dreaming uses only top USDA Choice Midwestern beef aged a minimum of thirty days for flavor and prepared “Pittsburgh” style with a charred crusty exterior. Their most popular steak is the Filet Mignon; A robust juicy ten ounce center cut steak, cooked to absolute perfection or try the Marinated sirloin; An eleven ounce sizzling sirloin steak marinated for forty eight hours in fruit juices, fresh garlic, soy sauce and spices, simply delicious.

Fall off the bone baby back Ribs are also very popular, they are so tender, they can be eaten with a fork, Danish full-flavored ribs; Grilled with a classic charred exterior & topped with their spicy honey-tinted barbecue sauce, you may choose one or two racks. How about their #1 beef item, the House Special Prime Rib; slow-cooked, juicy and tender and then sliced to order, served daily after 4pm and all day on Sundays. Steaks, Ribs and Prime Rib are served with their Special House Salad (greens, chopped eggs, almonds, tomatoes, bacon & ham) and your choice of a side item.

There are many tasty Chicken dishes to choose from, the Knob Hill Chicken; This giant double chicken breast is marinated for forty eight hours and layered with ham and Monterey Jack cheese, served with your choice of side or if you feel like something with a little pasta, you may consider the Blackened Chicken Pasta; Blackened Chicken breast, sliced and served over creamy Fettuccine Alfredo, you may also add the Special House Salad (greens, chopped eggs, almonds, tomatoes, bacon & ham) to any Chicken Entrée.

Side items include: creamed spinach, steamed mixed vegetables, Fettuccine Alfredo or Marinara redskin mashed potatoes, french fries, baked potato (after 4 PM).

California Dreaming Restaurant & Bar in Myrtle Beach is a wonderful family restaurant that is reasonably priced and serves quality food in a casual atmosphere; stop by for a meal when next you visit the Grand Strand.

California Dreaming Restaurant & Bar
10429 N. Kings Hwy
Myrtle Beach, SC

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  1. My husband and I eat out very frequently, and many times in the N. Myrtle Beach area. Tonight we ate at California Dreaming in N. Myrtle Beach. We have eaten at many California Dreamings before, and have liked the experience, but tonight I have to tell you was the best experience we have had at CD. The food and drinks were great (great Dirty Martini),but our waiter was the best we have had in a long time. He was a tall man named Duke. I hope he will be complimented or compensated. He prob. don’t remember us, we had Dirty Martini, Frozen Strawberry Colata, CD salad, and Hot Veg. Salad, and it was good, but he was great. Please let him know and consider him an asset to your restaurant. Thanks, Dee L.

  2. Thanks for your comments, Dee! Great to hear you had such a positive experience at California Dreaming. Good food is hard to find, but exceptional service is a rarity and always makes a big difference to the dining experience, if you ask me. Are there any other restaurants in Myrtle Beach that you’d recommend based on food AND service?

  3. I would consider myself a regular at California Dreaming. My friends and I love it. We go there for lunch a lot and get their soup and salad deal–The baked potato soup is amazing and their house salads are of pretty big size and a MUST is the house dressing which is a honey mustard and hot bacon mixture.

    For dinner i’d recommend the steak and shrimp combination or the filet mignon. All the seafood, steaks and ribs come with a side item and that wonderful house salad. Great portions for the price. Atmosphere/Lighting can be a little dark at times but it makes it more intimate and romantic if you are dining with your boyfriend or husband. Service has always been great, and managers always make sure to stop by the table to make sure everything came out perfect.

  4. Thanks so much for you comments, Cathy!! We have had several folks contact us about their positive experience at California Dreaming…it is great to hear such wonderful feedback. With being a regular…it just goes to show that time after time their service and quality of food is exceptional. Thanks again for your comments and please feel free to comment on any other restaurants in Myrtle Beach that you would recommend to others coming to Myrtle Beach!

  5. I have not comment on your N. Myrtle Beach restaurant since I have not visited it but I love the one here in Columbia. I have contacting you since I am with an Army group, the 328th C/R ASA Company, that existed from 1952-56 in Bad Aibling, Germany. We are organized and have an annual reunion which this year is being held at N. Myrtle Beach. The Ocean Creek Resort will be where we are staying and it will be held from Oct 5-7. We will have around 50 couples thereand was wondering if your restaurant offered any discount tickets which I might include in their gift bags that will be presented to each family. We held our 2004 reunion at Charleston and I did not realize that the restaurant there was so close to the Holiday Inn we stayed at. Some from our group did visit the restaurant there and I got some very favorable comments concerning the food and service. We are going to the Horst Haus one night for a German night out which we try to have at our annual reunions and are having our annual reunion banquet on the night of the Oct 7. Since some our members will be arriving early, I feel sure some would want to visit your restaurant before we get started or enjoy your lunch if it is offered. Thanks Bob

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  7. i really enjoyed the food there will be retuning to eat there again…..

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