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restaurants-martinsWelcome to Martin’s Restaurant, ideally located at the Long Bay Resort, in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Experience some of the finer pleasures of life, as you dine in an atmosphere of pure elegance. Chef Martin’s creations will leave your taste buds tingling as you devour mouthful after mouthful of his explosive, exotic flavors, allow yourself to soak up the ultimate in attention as his warm and friendly staff sees to your every need.

Martin Dobr, was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, he has cooked for the stars, traveled and worked around the world and been involved in the restaurant business for forty years. He attended school through ninth grade in Prague, and then completed a three-year chef apprenticeship at a Prague hotel. At the age of 17, he was drafted into the Czechoslovakian Air Force, where he worked as a cook for 2 ½ years.  In 1968, Warsaw Pact Forces rolled into the country with tanks, and Martin fled the country.

Martin went to Austria first, and then Canada, where he cooked. After three years, he decided that Canada was too cold and in 1971, without even having work lined up, left for Hawaii, where he was employed as a chef at a hotel.

After two years, Hawaii began to feel small, so Martin left for Los Angeles, where he worked as a chef at a German restaurant. An opportunity arose for a position at a new hotel in Juneau, Alaska, so he moved to Alaska for a year before returning to L.A. Upon his return to L.A., Martin worked as a chef at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel; he then formed a catering company that included clients from the movie industry.

The cover of his menu features a caricature of Martin, that was drawn when he catered a  meal in Beverly Hills for Joe Weiner, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s exercise manager, the words “Specially for You,” which is his trademark slogan was initiated at that party. Martin has been a member of the prestigious Le Chaine des Rotisseurs Society since 1988.

A writers’ strike, soon put the catering company out of business, so Martin and his business partner went to Greenville and opened a fine dining restaurant called The Fishmarket. In 1982, they opened a second location in the queen city, Charlotte, NC.

After four years of being in the restaurant business together, the partners went their separate ways. Martin took over the Greenville restaurant and his partner got the Charlotte location. In 1989, they reunited to open The Fishmarket in Little River, North Myrtle Beach, where Chianti South is now located. That lasted one season, and then Martin had a series of jobs, working as a chef at a local hotel, Thoroughbred’s and Finn McCool’s.

Chef Martin then opened the one hundred and seventy five seat restaurant at Long Bay Resort in central Myrtle Beach where he now serves outstanding breakfast fare and upscale dinners. The evening menu includes delicacies such as; escargot crostini, scallop cakes, veal Cromley, roast duckling and Wiener schnitzel. After 7 pm, some of these items may actually be prepared at your tableside.

We invite you to consider a few items on their menu, for starters, the Eggplant Rolls; Eggplant, Proscuitto and Mozzarella all delicately rolled together and then fried to perfection, served with a delicious homemade Marinara sauce, or perhaps the Scallop Cakes; fresh Scallops, onions, crisp peppers and seasonings, served with fresh watercress and Rouille sauce, simply delicious!

For your salad, McGraw recommends the Caesar; imagine fresh Romaine lettuce, served with garlic, virgin Olive oil, tingling lemon, egg yolk, anchovies, and croutons, then topped with a mountain of freshly grated Romano cheese… the best in Myrtle Beach, or for a lighter salad, you may try the Longbay; fresh greens, laced with juicy tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, hard boiled eggs, bacon bits and crunchy croutons.

For your entrée, you may want to consider the McGraw special, the Veal Cromley; picture a scalopine of veal gently wrapped in Proscuitto, then dipped in egg and Roman cheese, sautéed with capers, fresh tomatoes and cream, and then served with angel hair pasta…OUTRAGEOUSLY GOOD!

If you prefer poultry, we suggest the Roasted Duckling; a semi-boned half of a duck, perfectly roasted and coated with apples cooked in a Madeira wine demi-glace and a pinch of cinnamon, served with crispy pan fried potatoes…very, very good.
Chef Martin also serves some of the tastiest steaks on the Grand Strand, like the Tornado Neptune; a juicy, tender twin filet topped with asparagus, succulent jumbo shrimp and drenched in béarnaise sauce…so tasty!

For the seafood lover, we recommend the Lobster Fra Diavolo; deliciously sautéed chunks of fresh lobster tail with shallots, served with Marinara sauce, spicy hot peppers and brandy… simply divine! Chef Martin also offers an outstanding selection of fresh fish on the menu, how about the Balsamic Glazed Salmon; fresh salmon filet, glazed with divine caramelized balsamic vinegar and served on a bed of fresh spinach.

All entrées are served with a soup, salad, fresh baked bread and butter. Please be sure to inquire about their specials.

There is also a variety of tasty dishes for the little ones, from Chicken Fingers with French Fries to a Hamburger and French Fries or with the exception of any of the lobster dishes, you may consider their offer of a kid’s portion off the main menu for just sixty percent of the cost.

We suggest you go ahead and add some pizzazz to your next Myrtle Beach visit and enjoy an evening of fine dining and relaxation at Martin’s restaurant, you will not be disappointed.

Martin’s Restaurant
7200 N. Ocean Blvd
At Long Bay Resort
Myrtle Beach, SC 29572

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